Stainless steel

What is Stainless Steel and Stainless Why?

Stainless steel, preferred is a type of steel because it is resistant to corrosion. This type of steel contains chromium. wherein the chromium steel, when steel comes into contact with oxygen to generate a called chromium oxide thin film. This thin film protects the steel against corrosion. Also added into the nickel steel, combined with the element chromium stainless steel, making it more strong against corrosion.
Although not difficult enough chromium to prevent corrosion of the steel environment, the more difficult conditions in the environment into nickel steel to ensure corrosion resistance, and the like molip elements should be added. in order to obtain a stainless steel, wherein the alloy is played and the ratios of these alloys. We can summarize the properties of elements inserted into the stainless steel as follows:
Chrome steel is the most important element needed to win the stainless property. these elements forming the chromium oxide layer in contact with oxygen, prevents the steel contact with oxygen. In this way, it takes a case against steel corrosion resistant. If we increase the amount of chromium in the steel, the corrosion resistance is increased to that extent.
The need to have a nickel in stainless steel and the cost of stainless steel is an element constituting almost 90%. Added into the nickel steel, chromium combines with the chromium-nickel composition is provided. These compositions, when in contact with oxygen occurs a stronger layer and thus is highly durable against the stainless steel materials CORROSION state. Also; nickel, for facilitating the processing of steel have often preferred, but it is an expensive element.

Which is the most important element of the hardness of a steel. In addition to being an element that can greatly enhance the strength of the carbon steel as is an element that reduces the steel elastikiyetini. high carbon stainless steel becomes brittle and more durable. should increase the carbon content to increase strength, we need to reduce the carbon content to improve elasticity. Carbon also significantly affect the işlenmesini steel. During the processing of steel with a high carbon to which the chip is broken, it is easy to process the high carbon steel.